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        [求購] 加拿大求購L型把手 2019/9/2 10:40:00 
        L Handles We need a minimum of 110 but would like to buy 200 of this handle Our factory is in montreal canada. We need maximum 2 weeks delivery Please supply specification drawing and your price. Fed...
        [求購] 捷克求購碟形封頭 2019/9/2 10:39:00 
        AMSE Torispherical dish end forming head please send me indicative quotation for torispherical head DIN 28013, 1250 x 5,7 as minimum Material P355N, EN 10028 - 3 AD 2000 W1+HP8/1 + HP7/1+ HP7/2, PED ...
        [求購] 德國求購研磨馬達 2019/9/2 10:38:00 
        ceramic and stone grinding motor we are looking for grinding motors with 5,5 or more who can handel a grinding wheel Diameter 300mm with a width up to 80mm. Do you have a grinding motor who can handl...
        [求購] 新加坡求購五金支架 2019/9/2 10:38:00 
        Curtain Pole Holder/Bracket I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Curtain Pole Bracket/Holder Diameter of holder: 48mm Length: 100mm Material: Stainless Steel or other equivalen...
        [求購] 印度求購黃銅插件 2019/9/2 10:37:00 
        Brass insert of M5 mm We manufacture & sell a variety of material handling products like plastic bins-&-crates; pallets; insulated ice boxes / fish tubs, waste bins , equipment like forklifts, reach...
        [求購] 阿根廷求購無刷電機 2019/9/2 10:36:00 
        Motor brushless 3000 watts I need to ask you for the prices of the following items: Brushless/gearless electric bicycle motors with waterproof cable connection. 48v 750w 48v 1000w 48v 1500w 48v 3000w...
        [求購] 美國求購管件 2019/9/2 10:34:00 
        Equal Shape and Casting Technics PVC DWV PVC pipe and fittings Can you please send me product list and prices for PVC DWV drainige fittings for the USA market? I will nedd large amount, full 20' cont...
        [求購] 美國求購不銹鋼精密五金沖壓件 2019/9/2 10:30:00 
        Excellent Dimension Stability Surely OEM Stainless Steel Precision Metal Stamping Part() We are in need of 10,000 pieces of a small Stainless Steel part. Please give us an estimated cost and cost of ...
        [求購] 波蘭求購小型注塑零件 2019/9/2 10:30:00 
        small plastic part I’m interested in your product high quality customized small plastic part, OEM small plastic injection parts, I would like some more details. Pls check my link below it's 3D PDF f...
        [求購] 美國求購橡膠件 2019/9/2 10:28:00 
        Rubber Fitting We are looking for a supplier to produce two small rubber products for us. We call them pad inserts.They are produced here in Michigan but we would like to out source them off shore. I...
        [求購] 西班牙求購不銹鋼接線柱 2019/1/17 15:43:00 
        wire stud terminal let me know if have terminals press for steel cables of 3 to 5mm for machinery bodybuilding. would be interested in purchase that kind of material. fernando provide us with quotati...
        [求購] 意大利求購鋁壓鑄件,砂和鐵等 2019/1/17 15:42:00 
        aluminum die casting sewing machine base We are searching for a supplier who is able to manufacture Aluminium Die Casting, sand casting, iron casting and so on. At first, we would like to submit you ...
        [求購] 越南求購鑄鐵彎頭 2019/1/17 15:41:00 
        Elbows hopper cast iron Elbows hopper cast iron Big head: 219mm Small head: 140mm Length: 6mm...
        [求購] 羅馬尼亞求購鍛鋼輪 2019/1/17 15:36:00 
        forged steel crane wheels Material: 60#,65#,65Mn,42CrMo Hardness: HRC45-55 Depth: 15-18mm Diameter: 300-1000mm Name: crane forged wheels...
        [求購] 美國求購小型硅膠零件加工 2019/1/17 15:35:00 
        Small, soft silicone part Please provide a quote for the attached part in soft silicone (~Shore A 20). Must be food grade silicone. We will need a sample of 2500 pieces, followed by an order of 350,...
        [求購] 美國求購PP零件定制加工 2019/1/17 15:34:00 
        Large polypropylene custom part We need this in polypropylene, opaque black. Please quote for a sample of 6 pieces with shipping to Vienna, VA USA. Please also quote for 1200 pieces per order with sh...
        [求購] 瑞典求購鋼模具 2019/1/17 15:30:00 
        steel dies for swing arm machine I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Dies for cutting leather 4mm maximum thickness. Swing arm machine 20 ton Dies hss steel 2.5- 3cm In the at...
        [求購] 印度求購鋁壓鑄機 2019/1/17 15:26:00 
        Aluminium Pressure Die Casting Machine I need a 250 ton pressure die casting machine to make aluminium parts. The machine should have a furnace and a robotic arm for feeding raw material and taking o...
        [求購] 美國求購不銹鋼失蠟精密鑄件 2019/1/17 15:25:00 
        Steel Lost Wax Investment casting We are interested in cast stainless steel snap hooks for marine and diving applications. We are currently purchasing these products in China and Taiwan and are inte...
        [求購] 新西蘭求購橡膠輪 2019/1/17 15:23:00 
        D42mm Rubber Wheel for toys, model car Please offer the price for 100 pairs shipped to Christchurch New Zealand Les Black Net weight: 25g Color: black Outer diameter: 42mm...
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